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Mike Rimbaud

"A strong case could be made that no other New York artist represents this city’s defiantly populist past – or, one hopes, its future – more than Mike Rimbaud.NYC’s current powerpop/new wave counterpart to Joe Strummer " 

-  New York Music Daily 

Mike Rimbaud is an American singer-songwriter and painter who lives in New York City. He has recorded 11 albums(including an album of covers.)  The latest single is "Why Can't We Dream Together." Be sure to watch Mike's topical music video, "It's Midnight America."   Mike's albums include“Put That Dream in Your Pipe and Smoke it” features songs taking on fracking, Apple, The subways, social media and more. 

In 2014 Mike released his single cover of  "Stairway to Heaven" not what you would expect with harmonica and saxophone, watch the music video on You Tube.  "Night Rainbow," from 2013 was inspired by hurricane Sandy and the continuing economic crisis in the US, "Night Rainbow" includes the singles; "Sandy Must Be Crazy," "Dark Money Can't Buy Her Kisses", "Jackhammer Jones" and "Robin Hood In Reverse." recent music videos include "Rainbow Tonight," "Slow Down To Get Ahead," "Teacher's Got a Bad Mouth," "Jackhammer Jones,"  and "Sandy Must Be Crazy." In 2012 Mike shot videos in Coney Island ("Dance With A Mermaid") and "Everyone needs a Daddy" (filmed in Nashville) for his "Coney Island Wave" CD ( released in 2011.)  In 2012 Mike Rimbaud also contributed his song (Saving Up To Go Bankrupt) for "Occupy This Album" to benefit the Occupy Wall Street movement.

He started his career by performing in the bars and rock clubs in New York, but it was with record labels in Paris that he released his first 3 CD’s. Mike has been compared to Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Gene Vincent among others, but his songwriting style and voice have always been unique. Although his career has remained in the underground, he has continued to be a prolific songwriter often commenting on current events in his songs such as; “Muhammad's Blues (2015)”, “Katrina Comes Again”, “7-11 on September 11th” and “Mother Nature’s Nervous Breakdown.” He also speaks about New York life, “King of Staten Island,” and relationships, “You Make Love Like War,” “Girlfriend Lost and Found.” As a performer, he has toured Europe and the US with his band as well as a solo artist.
Mike Rimbaud is also a painter who regularly exhibits his artwork. His subject mater includes subway scenes, cityscapes, dinosaurs, portraits of revolutionaries, burlesque and belly dancers.  View Mike's artwork site.

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Single relaesed 2015


Mike Rimbaud has recorded 11 studio albums including an album of covers and a number of singles.

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