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Mike Rimbaud Discography

Put That Dream in Your Pipe and Smoke it 2014

Night Rainbow 2013

Video: Rainbow Tonight

Video:Jackhammer Jones

Video:Big Bad Bully

Video:Sandy Must Be Crazy

Soundtrack For a Human Being 2011

Video: One Percent Feeling Lonely

Video: First Class Booby Trap

Coney Island Wave (2011)

Video:Mamma Say Something Nice

Video: Saving Up to Go Bankrupt (Live concert)

Video: Everyone needs a Daddy

Video: Don't You Love This City

Video: Dance with a Mermaid

Can't Judge A Song(2011)

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What Was I Thinking (2010)

Video: Miami High

Beast of Broadway (2003)

Graffiti Trees (1997)
Video: Girlfriend Lost and Found

DawnTown Project (1995)
(Collaboration with CharlElie Couture)

Red Light (1993)
Produced by Elliott Murphy
Video: Dying but not Dead

Video: Treasure Chest Cancer

Funeral Lover (1991)
Videos: Funeral Lover and the Profit Surfers. Video: You Make Love Like You Make War

Mutiny in the Subway
Videos: Battery Apple

Wild Laser Love

Video: "Battery Apple" Live



beast cd cover