New Single, Napoleonic Barcode

October 2016: New single release, "Napoleonic Barcode"

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News August 2016:new single out on Subway Sun records , "Going Down to Trumpistan" "Mike Rimbaud recorded his grimly prophetic Going Down to Trumpistan – a free download – before last night’s election results.It’s sort of a mashup of early, classic Public Enemy and late 60s Carlos Santana." NY Music Dail 2016

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April the realese of "Talkin' Bout Revolution Again" the new single on Subway Sun records.

Get Mike's latest album, "Put That Dream in Your Pipe and Smoke It":10 new songs recorded in New York City during the summer of 2014.

New album 

May 14th : release of the single, "Love Is Strange."

Mike releases his interpretation of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven," the holy grail of rock n roll.  Watch the music video, New York City's "Stairway to Heaven."

"Funkyshima" is the new hard rockin' single (release date 10-22-13) inspired by Japan's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, check out the music video too. "Night Rainbow," the latest album from Mike Rimbaud available now (released February 7, 2013):
Songs inspired by hurricane Sandy and the continuing economic crisis we face. Includes the singles: Slow Down To Get Ahead, Teacher's Got a Bad Mouth, Learning More About Less,
Sandy Must Be Crazy, Dark Money Can't Buy Her Kisses, Jackhammer Jones, and Robin Hood in Reverse( video).

2012: Mike contributed a song (Saving Up to Go Bankrupt) to "Occupy This Album"

Coney Island Wave is Mike's 7th CD with 12 original songs recorded in New York City in 2011. Videos: "Everyone Needs a Daddy" filmed in Nashville, "Dance with a Mermaid" filmed in Coney Island and "Mamma Say Something nice" filmed in NYC. 2011 also saw the release of "Soundtrack for a Human Being" an 18 song compilation featuring the single, "One Percent Feeling Lonely" inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, check out the video. Finally "Can't Judge a Song By it's Cover" released in November 2011 is Mike's first album of only cover songs, listen to his version of "Almost Hear You Cry" from the Rolling Stones. Mike's longtime drummer, Kevin Tooley keeps it rock steady (recorded in New York City at Cobble Stone studios, NYC.)

Judging Mike Rimbaud’s Covers Album (review)

"After seven albums of original material – and his excellent, most recent release, Coney Island Wave (chronicled here yesterday), literate rocker Mike Rimbaud decided to do an album of covers. Which can be tricky. In order to cover a song that’s worth covering to begin with, you either have to do it better than the original – no easy task – or completely reinvent it. Which is exactly what Rimbaud did with Can’t Judge a Song By Its Cover. To call this record ambitious is something of an understatement: tackling mostly well-known, iconic songs, Rimbaud makes it seem easy as he nails them, one by one. If you’re willing to buy the argument that there’s such thing as a classic album of covers, this is it." by delarue (New York Music Daily)

 What Was I Thinking?! (2010) Mike Rimbaud. 16 recordings from full blown rock to acoustic punk folk. Recorded in various studios around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Track list includes:

Stimulus Baby, Miami High (Music video) Deal With Love, Mother Nature's Nervous Breakdown, Losing Is A Victory, Searching For Yourself, Cheeks Up, I Never Knew Love and more.

The Return of An Underground Hero (Review of What WAs I Thinking)

By Jean-Pierre Simard

Mike Rimbaud's guitars don't look down on either electricity or percussion and even less on organ and crawling synthesizers. All that to draw, with a charcoal pencil or oil, whole vignettes of urban American life like a roof troubadour, an image that first burst out with his first album, in the 90's, "Mutiny In the Subway" on which you could see him walk by the water tanks that top the buildings of the Big Apple. His art is anchored in a reality that recalls Bruce Springsteen, the storyteller of everyday life ("Losing is a Victory"), as much as the Marc Bolan of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, ("Searching for Yourself"). Rimbaud who navigates between painting and music, slays you with all this in a slightly broken voice, the voice of asphalt, the voice of cobble stones and if he wins it all, it is because of his authenticity. Rare and valuable, Mike is the man-on -the-street of New York.

ROLLING STONE (French Edition) - Reviews- February, 2011

Mike's first album, “Mutiny in the Subway” has a minimalist production of guitar, bass and Afro-Cuban percussion.

Mike has been compared to Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Gene Vincent among others, but his songwriting style and voice have always been unique. Although his career has remained in the underground, he continues to be a prolific songwriter sometimes commenting on current events with songs such as; "One Percent Feeling Lonely, " “Stimulus Baby”, “Katrina Comes again”, “7-11 on September 11th” and “Mother Nature’s Nervous Breakdown.” He also speaks about New York life, “King of Staten Island,” and relationships, “You Make Love Like War,” “Girlfriend Lost and Found.” As a performer, he has toured Europe and the US with his band as well as a solo artist. Mike Rimbaud is also a painter who regularly exhibits his artwork, which have included as subject mater: subway scenes, cityscapes, dinosaurs and portraits of revolutionaries, burlesque and belly dancers.

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Beast of Broadway

Beast of Broadway (2003) is an all-acoustic, minimalist production by Brian Ritchie and Mike Rimbaud. Returning to his acoustic and rockabilly roots, this is his fifth CD. Songs like “7-Eleven on September 11” “After The Last Tango” and “Dirty Little Bomb” were written in Brazil and on The Lower East Side post 9-11. Recorded in two different Manhattan studios, the sound is Sun Sessions Elvis meets Joe Stummer. In a nod to Bruce Springsteen and his first acoustic record, “Nebraska”, Mike does a smoking cover of "Atlantic City."

As a singer songwriter, who first appeared on the downtown scene in the early 1990’s rocking local bars and clubs, Mike performs frequently around the city, solo or with his trio of guitar, percussion and bass. He's also performed in New Orleans and on the west coast and occasionally plays in Europe.
The first album, Mutiny in the Subway was recorded, live in New Yorks Baby Monster studio and released in the early ‘90’s. From There Mike left Manhattan touring endlessly in Europe. A second album was released, Funeral Lover and Mike continued performing across the continent, including Russia and Eastern Europe.
Red Light, Mike's third CD was released in 1993, produced by Elliott Murphy in Paris where Mike lived for three years. Red Light includes original songs like “Treasure Chest Cancer” “American Terrorist” and “Romantic Depressive.”
Back home in New York, Mike released Graffiti Trees (1998), recorded at No Mystery Studios in lower Manhattan with his band, the Subway Sun.




Beast of Broadway
7-11 on September 11
Dirty Little Bomb
After the Last Tango
Turtles Have Shells
Without Sugar

redlight cover for homeBrian and Mike

Brian Ritchie & Mike from "Beast of Broadway" sessions.

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